Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Protocols

There are many factors that go into the regulation of weight and body composition. The Doctors at Salus Integrative Medicine work to find the underlying causes of weight gain, and rebalance the body so that it regulates its own healthy weight.

Examples of underlying causes of weight gain include:
• Low thyroid function
• Imbalance in adrenal hormones (cortisol, DHEA, etc.)
• Cellular toxicity and sluggish liver function
• Stress (through its impact on hormones and neurological circuitry)
• Imbalances in Neurotransmitters
• Candida or yeast overgrowth
• Food sensitivities and gluten intolerance
• Metabolic syndrome (Blood sugar-insulin regulation)

Our approach is to promote, steady weight loss through dietary and lifestyle change. There is one weight loss program that we promote and believe to be safe and effective, and that is the HCG protocol. While the HCG protocol is a short-term plan that can lead to rapid weight loss, we have found that it can be a great “kick start”, allowing individuals to lose weight and feel much better about themselves, which then promotes an enthusiasm to maintain healthy habits for life. Many people feel so much more empowered and self-confident after doing the HCG protocol that it becomes its’ own motivator for change! It is not a “crash diet”, it is an “accelerated start” to long-term healthy weight management.