Vitamin Injections

Vitamin B12 Injections

An essential vitamin used in the almost all methylation pathways in the body. This makes it good for brain health, immune support, nerve health, and energy.

  • Is present in meat products, egg yolks, shellfish and milk.
  • Can be depleted by stress, alcohol, smoking, digestive issues, cardiovascular disease and illness.
  • Is an important nutrient for vegans and vegetarians who do not get it in their diet.

B12 can be used to treat:

  • Fatigue
    Some types of anemia
    Nervous system disorders
    Nerve health
    Support detoxification
    Mental clarity
    Irritability and Depression

Slim Shots Vitamin Injections

  • A mixture of B vitamins, amino acids, and lipotropic agents. These injections are used, non-invasively, to help patients achieve generalized weight loss. Slim Shot injections can help you lose weight in two ways; boosting your energy and metabolism, and increasing the removal of fat from the body by enhancing liver function. These “fat-burning” lipotropic injections can be done as frequently as once or twice a week.

Vitamin D Injections

  • Given IM
  • Most of us are very deficient in Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D is a powerful vitamin that is actually a hormone
  • Can help in many conditions such as:
    – Fatigue
    – Depression
    – Obesity
    – Fibromyalgia
    – Osteoporosis
    – Thyroid disorders



Q: Why do I need an injection; shouldn’t I get everything I need from food?
A: Many of our nutrients are hard to extract if digestion is less than optimal. Decreased sleep, increased stress, eating on the run, food sensitivities and inflammation can all alter the availability of the nutrients. Also, these vitamins become quickly depleted under mental or physical stress, toxicity, and poor diet.