Meet Dr. Gaddam

Dr GaddamDr Kalyan Gaddam, ND is Board certified Naturopathic Doctor currently at Salus Integrative Medicine part-time to help with patients who find it easier to come in on the weekends.  Dr. Gaddam also offers a background in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Physical Medicine, Pain Management, Mental disorders, Endocrinology, and Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology having experience with a range of patient issues and modalities, including work in Pediatrics, Oncology, and Environmental medicine.   He also has extensive medical experience involving biofeedback and dietary protocols.


Dr. Gaddam studied Naturopathic Medicine at both Bharatividyapeeth University Hospital in India and Bastyr University, Washington, where he also served as a Resident Physician at Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic.  Dr. Gaddam received his Biofeedback training from Stens Biofeeback Institute and Ayurvedic training from Maharishi Ayurvedic Academy.  He has a strong desire to contribute to the success of all of our patients through offering lectures and presentations of educational information.  Be sure to follow our Facebook Page events or subscribe to our newsletter to catch one of these free, but valuable opportunities.


Dr. Gaddam is also the creator/formulator/researcher and innovator of Essential Elemental – E2 Energy. A supplemental powder which is aimed to have various health benefits in patients with chronic diseases especially in patients with Cancer.



Dr Kalyan Gaddam, ND is a family doctor specializing in:


Family medicine

Acute care

Chronic fatigue


Autoimmune diseases

Adjunctive Cancer Care





Preventive medicine

Acute and chronic pain



Some of the treatment modalities include:

Cold Laser




Ayurvedic medicine

Nutritional therapy

Diet & Lifestyle Coaching

Ayurvedic Botanical medicine

Western Botanical medicine

Nutritional IV therapy